Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#10 Unexpectedly

Tuesday afternoon. Seventh of February.

The weather was fine when I went to downtown The weather that time was humid and hot. After visiting the main office of Mindanao Travel Channel, the sky turned orange as the clouds as it reflected the golden rays of the setting sun. The moon was also beautiful as it rose from the eastern horizon. The sky was truly stunning.

At around 9PM, rain started to pour down. The wind got stronger and the clap of thunder was truly deafening (and intimidating). It rained for almost two hours. Little by little, my Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline got filled with reports of flooding within downtown Davao. Rivers started to rise at an alarming rate. People got stranded along the way and cars broke down in the middle of the storm. The flood didn't reach our house, fortunately, except for our front and back yard.

These freak storms are freaking me out. This is just one of the effects of being negligent to our environment. I do hope that the local government would fix this predicament. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

#9 Reach For the Sky

Whenever I dream about accomplishing something, I always try to reach for the sky, but not to the point that I would end up disappointed. I just know my capacity and limitations.

We just have to put this in our mind always that when we dream, it has to be big. Dreaming is free, so why limit our ambition if we can dream bigger, right?

To dream the impossible dream.
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