Monday, December 5, 2011

#2 You Are Unique

Many of us regarded high school as the best part of their teenage life. Mine wasn't. It was horrible.

I studied in a Chinese-Catholic school from Preschool to 4th year high school. Basically, it became my second home for almost thirteen years!

Back in high school, I can still vividly remembered how I made my way out through the competitive zone. Almost all of us were competing both in academics and extra-curricular activities. Almost everyone wanted to be on that particular position because almost everyone was just for the points and not to the commitment of being the leader. Only a few people wanted that position because they just simply want to serve.

As for me, I ran for a position to prove myself but always fail to win. I wasn't really that 'famous' in high school. I was a nerd (people don't like me, except exam periods). I am not a member of an affluent family. I didn't have older siblings who excel in either sports or academics.

It came to a point that I felt like I was an outcast. I wasn't given a chance at all.

Not until I entered the university.

Life at the university was really different. Everyone has the chance to become a leader, because everyone has the right to become a leader. I just realized that to be a leader, one shouldn't need to be member of an affluent family or to be influential (because you'll become one in the future). Through the years, I have learned how to lead and how to listen to the needs of my constituents; it's a give and take relationship! It was not an easy task but the learning process was pretty much fun and exciting.

Each of us is unique and each of us has different skills and talents.

Everyone deserves to become a leader because everyone deserves a CHANCE.

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